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1 Safe natural healthre for families
Safe natural healthre for families
Free happy woman arms up praising freedom at beach sunset. Young adult enjoying breathing freely fresh air.
Natural relief of stress, anxiety, depression
Happy woman celebrating weight loss
Help with weight loss
Family hiking through a forest
Supporting your healthy active lifestyle
Elderly couple walking through the parc hand in hand
Vibrant health for seniors
Marathon runners
Effective sports nutrition and performance
Mixed group business people in office
Custom tailored individual health plans
8 Serving Edmonton and surrounding areas
Serving Edmonton and surrounding areas

Welcome to Green Apple Health re

Green Apple Health re was founded by Dr. Michael Nowazek in July 2008.

At Green Apple Health re, we offer a full and complete range of natural therapies and programs for all your health needs. We treat a wide variety of health conditions from common seasonal conditions to the most advanced chronic conditions.

We treat the core use of health problems, not the symptoms. We use a natural, simple, and preventative approach to help you achieve lifelong wellbeing. Each of our patients receives a customized program that addresses their particular health concerns.

We’re loted at 9148 23rd Avenue NW, Suite 221, in the Square on 23rd complex. The most direct route to the clinic is from 23rd Avenue via 91st Street. 91st Street n be accessed from Henday Highway and from Whitemud Highway. Follow 91st Street to 23rd Avenue NW. Turn west on 23rd Avenue NW to the service road. We recommend allowing an extra 15 minutes before your appointment time for traffic and parking.

Whole Body Approach

When you’re tired it n feel impossible to get through the day. If you need multiple cups of coffee, if you’re dragging..

We are often asked if natural medicine n treat ncer. Emphatilly, yes! There have been many ses where ncer has been successfully treated with naturopathic medicine. n natural medicine alone treat all types of ncer? The short answer is, no. Depending upon the type, the severity, and the…

Weight loss is not simply lories in, lories burnt. There are many factors that n contribute to the inability to shed..

Digestion is an essential aspect of the body’s ability to function which is often neglected until a severe problem occurs..

Vetruvian Man

With increasing awareness of unwanted emotional states such as anxiety and depression, it is becoming more..

Almost everyone has hurt their back or a joint at some time or another, and many people completely recover from it within..

What does it mean to balance hormones? It’s a complited process that takes into account a patient’s chemistry and..

Is it true that “you are what you eat”? There may be different schools of thought on that, but there’s no question that..

What Our Patients Say

EN, Sherwood Park, AB

“Compassionate, listed to my concerns and offered plans to fix my health issues that were realistic and affordable. Green Apple Health re has great service, friendly staff and real results. The experience has been excellent!”

OD, Edmonton, AB

“Dr. Nowazek was the only one who was able to identify my illness and heal me. I spent over a year being ill and stumping doctors. He took my lifestyle into consideration and worked hard to make a plan that would work for my active lifestyle. He was very knowledgeable and supportive.”

RD, Edmonton, AB

“The treatment and medition prescribed by Dr Nowazek work in a very short period of time to help me recover from my illness.”

PS, Millet, AB

“My pain was more than I could handle mentally and physilly. Dr. Nowazek made my life livable once again.”

GM, Sherwood Park, AB

“Dr Nowazek actually takes the time to sit down with me and take in what I have to say.??He answers all of my questions.??He finds a solution every time and considers my feelings.”

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